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Valencia College Digital Medieval Renaissance Fair

Ancient Carvings

Thursday, October 28th
Creativity and Innovation in the Medieval and Renaissance Period

Check the links provided for Zoom sessions related to the topic of creativity and innovation during the medieval and renaissance periods.

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October 28th Elizabeth Faulcon and her Introduction to
Humanities Students will host a digital Medieval/Renaissance Fair!


Valencia Village is a place to explore, learn and discover living history. The Village site will highlight the skills and knowledge it takes to make up a medieval/renaissance community.


Please check back at the link provided for additional information on Zoom times and topics. 


Within the village are links that will lead to museum tutorials and lectures as well as videos featuring living history members sharing their knowledge and skills.


Professor Faulcon’s students will be co-hosting Zoom sessions on the featured topics. Join us for interactive sharing sessions and demonstrations on the arts and crafts of the medieval and renaissance period. 

Take an interactive tour through Medieval and Renaissance History as we present topics from an array of subjects. 

Valencia Village

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