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Hunting Birds of Prey


Medieval Hawking or Falconry was the sport and practice of hunting small wild game or birds with trained prey birds. Bird training applies to falcons and hawks, and occasionally eagles. 


In the later medieval and renaissance period, Falconry was a favorite pastime and hunting method often used. Lords and Nobles enjoyed the sport and the status provided, but it was an expensive and time-consuming pursuit. The birds required dedicated housing called Mews and to hunt with the birds required numerous accessories.  The birds required a high level of care, and Falconers were needed to feed the birds a balanced diet daily and handle each bird so they may become accustomed to human contact. The hunting birds were taken from the nest to start their training and needed constant daily care. They were subjected to a rigorous training course by a Falconer to be a useful hunting animal and worth their gold weight.


 Using birds for hunting was an option for the average person, but the birds would be of a more common variety and would be less expensive to house and train, such as sparrowhawks and goshawks.

3. Hawks
Hunting with Birds of Prey

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