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A Lord of town or small city was required to protect his lands or the lands of the King. To do this, he would have a band of armed fighters. Armour was needed for all levels of people, from townsmen to knights, to protect their village.    The most common armor was Chain mail, and it was available to most of the population. Protecting oneself in battle from archers and the longsword was a high priority, and armor was necessary.


Making chainmail required hundreds of small interlinking iron rings and the use of rivets to hold it together.  Armour draped around the body and allowed for freedom of movement.  A suit of chainmail consisted of a hooded surcoat, leg armor, which included grieves which covered the shins, and gloves called gauntlets.  Shoes are constructed from the mail as well. Chain mail covered the armor’s entire body except for the face; this offered protection from their opponent. 


Solid plate armor came into use in the 14th century while still incorporating chain mail in the under layers.  A crested helmet, shield with a striking coat of arms, and an armored horse completed an expensive outfit designed to protect and intimidate. A fully suited-up knight remained a threatening image throughout time, and the use of armor continued into the 18th century.

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