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This website was created for the continuation of historical education and enjoyment throughout our world. For more information about Valencia Village, please contact Professor Elizabeth Faulcon at:  

Elizabeth Faulcon - Faculty Website Advocate
Elizabeth Faulcon teaches humanities and is based out of the Valencia Winter Park Campus. Elizabeth is also an avid living history reenactor who enjoys exploring the arts and sciences of medieval Ireland, England and Scotland as well as other parts of western medieval and renaissance Europe. 

Project Lead - Melissa Karels
Melissa Karels Bio is a resident of Central Florida, and an active participant and leader in the Living History community. Melissa enjoys exploring and learning about all aspects of history and recreating items for demonstrations and use.  She welcomes and encourages people to become involved in local living history groups to share in the fun of learning while doing. She teaches on multiple topics such as clothing recreation to Medieval Lampworking. 

Website Creation and Administration
Samantha Moore is an avid teacher and student of medieval history, who promotes medieval art and education primarily through music and poetry. Having the growingly less uncommon experience of growing up an active participant in the SCA, Society for Creative Anachronism, her exposure to medieval culture, craft, and more is evident in her art. For more on this artist visit or check out some music for the 'current middle ages' via For questions on the functionality of this website, please contact Samantha Moore at:

Valencia Village

Preserving the History of Community


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Check out the Society for Creative Anachronism, i.e SCA

An International group that has local roots in communities. The Society has grown to more than a thousand events happening on five continents every year. From Trenton, New Jersey to Tokyo, Japan, tens of thousands of medievalists (affectionately called "SCAdians") gather to enjoy the thrill of combat, explore centuries old arts and crafts, learn the skills and virtues of this exciting period of history, and build lifelong friendships with people from all walks of life. Our participants study nearly every facet of life from our period, the world of the Middle Ages before 1601. The Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Milpitas, CA, with affiliate organizations in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. Many Society activities are free to try or have very small fees for materials or admission and we offer several options for memberships for individuals and families that add benefits to your Society experience.

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Valencia Village

Preserving the History of Community